Studio du Nord

Pedal Minnesota





Minnesota has been nicknamed the "Bike-Friendly State" for their thousands of miles of paved on and off-road trails, as well as having more bike commuters per capita than any other state. The Pedal Minnesota initiative was created to inspire and mobilize new and infrequent bikers to get out and ride more often. To get Minnesota cyclists involved with the brand, these t-shirts were part of a series that were made in partnership with Twin Six to represent and promote Pedal Minnesota.

The first design centers around a star crank to illustrate Minnesota's state motto: "L'etoile du Nord" (star of the north). The second design is a typographic depiction of biking elements (cranks and brakes) combined with Minnesota's famous 10,000 lakes. The third design (designed with Karl Madcharo) focuses on the Martin Olav Sabo bridge–a famous suspension bridge on the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway. The fourth design is an illustration portrayal of "Different Spokes for Different Folks." The last design plays off the state slogan "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and incorporates a bicycling theme.